Chasing Roselina

So there we were, all five of us off on an adventure around Cambodia. After two extremely long bus journeys and one horrific border crossing, we arrived at our first destination. Siem Reep is home to the Angkor Wat Temples, famous across the world for their magnitude and having one of the most beautiful sunrises possible. It is also famous due to one of the temples being used for Tomb Raider, a film your mum will no doubt show you when you’re a bit older. The first day we all arranged a Tuk-Tuk to show us around the temples, starting just before dawn. Leaving our hotel the next morning it was still pitch black. The only lights to be seen were of that of other Tuk Tuks or small glimmers of torches from the odd, lone pedestrian. Nearing the temples the crowd of Tuk Tuks became larger and larger. Sunrise at Angkor Wat is the biggest attraction in Siem Reep. Arriving at the first temple, we sat and watched the sun rise. Although it was a fairly cloudy day, the sunshine sparked through the clouds to dance in the reflection of the lake below. 
We explored the grounds before moving on to the other temples situated on this vast holy site. In total that day we saw around ten different temples. My favourite? The last temple which was built by an Indian King, a long time ago, for his mother. The building took so long that unfortunately his mother never saw it completed. It was used by the locals however since then it has been left to ruin. Nature has made it what it has become today, an almost lost temple covered in tree roots.
After our expedition we were exhausted so relaxed the rest of the afternoon before our bus to Sihunakville in the South of the country. We arrived bright and early the next morning and boarded a boat to an island of the coast, known as Koh Rong. Koh Rong was an idyllic island, long sandy beaches, beautiful blue seas and scattered with beach bars and bungalows. Before long we found our accommodation and settled in. Originally, the plan was to stay in Koh Rong for a few nights to celebrate Steph’s birthday party, however this was then extended to a whole week. Everywhere we went it was easy to meet new people as well as seeing old friends again too. The staff on Koh Rong were mostly western and especially welcoming to all newcomers. They all take great pride in the island, and each person leaves their stamp behind them as they go.

The night of Steph’s birthday we were leaving our hostel to go to another bar when I accidentally fell into three guys. Lucky for me they laughed it off but when I looked up I realised it was three guys I had met back in Koh Phi Phi nearly three months ago. Gareth, Rob and Rory had just arrived in Cambodia from Australia. Coincidently, they were now following the same tourist trail as the girlband was. Both groups stayed on Koh Rong for the full moon party, another excuse to dance the night away on the beach, before going back to mainland and planning new our next destination. In ways I wish I could of stayed longer as I was love being by the sea again, however, we needed to move on. 
Both groups had heard about Arcadia, a medium sized hostel situated on a river bank, complete with inflatables to play on and more outdoor activities, such as tubing and kayaking.

Both groups arrived within a day of each other. It was great to see the guys again after so long and we all got along well. Arcadia was a hostel made for fun. Whether it was a water attraction or one of the many indoor games, there was always something to do, or even a hammock to lay in if you wanted to do nothing. Our three days flew by and before long we parted ways with the guys for good. Them staying in Kampot, whereas we moved on to Kratie in the North.
A short overnight stay in the capital and we were in Kratie the following day. Kratie is a small, fairly un-touristic town. Mainly famous for being able to see river Dolphins and its relaxed atmosphere. We spent two nights exploring this quaint town before returning to the capital Phnom Penh. 
Phnom Penh was always going to be a sad stop as it was where we all knew we’d have to say goodbye. First we had two days exploring the city. We spent our time rummaging through the markets and visiting some of Cambodia’s most recent historical places. The Killing Fields and The Museum are two tourist attractions designed to shock a person into believing the unbelievable. Not long ago there was an evil man who became the leader of Cambodia, called Pol Potts. Pol Potts was the leader of a huge organisation, which ended up changing the whole of Cambodia as it was known. Under his rule, the Cambodian people were instructed to work long tiring hours on farms with little or no food or sleep. Anyone who tried to go against his rules, or even that persons family members, would end up in prison before being passed over to camp to be silenced. Both of these places still have original memorabilia scatted everywhere, a constant reminded of the pain and suffering that Pol Potts made the Cambodians endure. Truth be told, any Cambodia over the age of 40 may remember part of this horrific time.
For our final event together, we arranged a few drinks to celebrate. Going around the bars in Phnom Penh it was only in the morning that we realised we were out in the “working ladies” part of town. We had an amazing time anyway though.

When the time came the next morning to say goodbye to Milly and Steph, everyone was a bit emotional. We travelled so long and so far together however it was time for them to carry on their adventures to Vietnam, myself to Australia and Maddie to Vietnam (once her visa got approved). 

Roselina and I had a spare few days before our flight to Australia so we went back to Arcadia for a relax and rewind session with Maddie. Something which was well needed before the hustle and bustle of normal day-to-day life. Well I say we, up but Roselina had an accident with a shampoo bottle meaning she was a very bubbly bunny for a while. Luckily, one of the hostel owners in Phnom Penh took her in and looked after Roselina for me whilst I was away. 

By the time Roselina and I were reunited, nearly a week later, she was smelling sweet and had loved her time living with a Cambodian family. If anything I was slightly jealous, she sounded like she had a cracking time!
Within the space of four months, Roselina and I have travelled three countries and currently jetting towards our fourth. Truth be told, Australia and the idea of going back to work are making Roselina a bit nervous, however, I’m sure we can find her a lovely job in a farm chasing birds or something similar. Truth is, I’m unsure where we’re going to end up, I just know we’re going to have one heck of a ride getting there.

Roselina and Sarah


Trekking Asia

Ko Tao is by far the best Thai island. The first few days where spent scootering around the island, finding little alcoves where we could go snorkelling and crabbing. The evenings, spent relaxing in one of the many beach bars and restaurants. The first night also consisted of Neil’s birthday with Marks the following night. Both nights were incredibly hilarious and spent dancing the night away. Matt, Bas and I found this adorable bungalow right on the seafront. Waking up every morning to go sit on your private balcony watching the waves roll in, was pure bliss.
The day after Marks birthday, the others all moved on, however Matt and I stayed to start our own open water diving courses. Moving into the dorms of our dive school, Big Blue, Matt and I pretty much had the whole room to ourselves, apart from the odd person who came and went. 

Once the course started, we met what soon became called “The Dream Team”. This consisted of Matt, Marissa, Walter, Shane, Adam, Julian and myself. Our trainers consisted of Neil (a sarcastic Brit), Viktorious (also know as Wikus to normal folk), and a highly broody Swede called Erik.

The four days it took to complete the course where filled with complete madness and chaos. Our instructors helped to make us feel completely at ease, going at each persons choice of speed. Going down on my first dive, I was having mixed emotions of excitement coupled with a bit of fear. Even at the bottom, I panicked forgetting that due to the mask I was unable breathe through my nose, and only my mouth. The realisation of how silly I was being afterwards just had me in complete hysterics. Since that first dive, I knew I as in love with it. The sense of calm and peace when you’re under water is like nothing else I’ve ever experience. 
In fact, I loved it so much that after the Dream Team all passed its course, Marissa and I decided to stay to complete our advanced course too. This course came with sadness as it meant my unofficial travel buddy Matt was moving on alone. Matt always had me and Roselina laughing, cheering us up when we had a down spell. So much so I even think Roselina had a bit of a crush on him. Not that she’d admit it of course. He used to dance around our dorm, blaring music that was popular when I was your age, like Good Charlotte and Blink 182. Most of the dream team left the following day too, moving on as well. 
Marissa and I then spent the following few days learning to dive to 30m deep and well as diving around an actual ship wreck submerged 18m under water. It was an old war ship and still has the cannons attached. I wanted to go inside, however that takes a specialist course. Roselina loved her time on the boat, singing and dancing along with us to music, as well as the sunbathing. All in all were sad when our time on Ko Tao had to come to an end, however, it was time to move up north, to Chiang Mai.
Awaking in the early hours of the morning, we then had to endure a two hour ferry crossing, followed by a hour bus trip the airport and then a two hour flight before we had arrived. Tired and disorientated we agreed to go to join a friend we had met on the flight to his hostel in a hope for a bed for the night. Arriving at Deejais Backpackers we booked in for one night. 

Roselina and I enjoyed it so much we ended up staying there in total for seven nights. 

Chiang Mai is an incredible city. The people we met at our hostel too were so friendly and welcoming. There was always something to do or somewhere to go. From djing sixties music in a kiwi sports bar, to a rooftop pool party, or getting lost down country roads scooting around a national park. 
I will never forget the people I met there, and the long evenings spent either dancing at Zoeys, or relaxing in the hostel courtyard. It was on one such night that I met my future travel buddies, Steph, Milly and Maddie. We made fast friends, so much so they even managed to get me to agree to a two day trek through a national park.

The paths were little more than dirt tracks, some so steep i nearly gave up a couple of times. The girls were amazing, spending the time singing and cheering each other along when it got tough. Arriving at the campsite for the over night stay, our room was just a shack with a mattress on the floor. The campsite was surrounded by a village known as Long Neck Karen. A tiny village of refugees who had to leave their homes in Myanmar due to the war. Their names based on the silver rings worn around women’s necks, an age old tradition. 
The second day of the trek was spent bamboo rafting, visiting a waterfall and finally an elephant trek through the jungle. At the elephant sanctuary we played, bathed and fed the elephants. During bamboo rafting we were waving and cheering at the people having picnics by the riverbank. And at the waterfall, we splashed around with all the local children. 
As the trek came to a close, we had already formed our version of a girlband, affectionately called S&M. The name chosen as all our names begin with S or M. As a girlband we started to discuss where we wanted to visit next. One place where everyone wanted to visit was Cambodia. The next day we booked our buses and started our long adventure to Cambodia.

What to do in Hikkaduwa

Decisions. I’ve never been very good at them. Something your mother knows all too well Mya. Normally, I just wait and see what unfolds, leaving most things to the absolute last minute. Which is how I am where I am now. Sat in a taxi in Bangkok, racing though the streets towards the airport on my way to the famous Full Moon Party on Koh Pha-Gnon. It only struck me today that it’s been over a month since my last post. Far too long in Rosalina’s opinion. For this, I am sorry. However, it also means I have a lot to catch you up on. Starting from where I left off.

It’s all rather bizarre really, how events happen. The night of Rosalina’s birthday we had a blast! We played beer pong and jenga, then danced the night away on the sand. Whilst playing beer pong, I started chatting to the Australian barman. He desperately needed some help to run the bar as well as with the advertising. Another English girl, Brogan and myself jumped at the chance, accepting the job immediately. The job paid well enough to cover all basic necessities and only involved working four hours a night. By day, we relaxed on the glorious, sandy beaches, or shopped around the small, cobbled streets. By night, we partied with the punters. That is one thing I did love about Koh Phi Phi. The only people to own transport were the police and the hospital. Everyone else had to walk around, and on an island so small it was easy to do. Before I knew it, two weeks had flown by and it was time for me to depart for Sri Lanka. 

 As I woke on my last morning on Phi Phi, I was startled that when I swallowed my throat felt like I was swallowing daggers. I’d caught a horrendous bug which meant that my glands were the size of golf balls. Needless to say the whole way to Sri Lanka I slept. Even passing out for five hours at my stopover in Kuala Lumpur airport. Luckily, there were some lovely Lankans who woke me up when it was time to board the plane. 

Arriving in Lanka at one am, I was still exhausted and needed to find somewhere to stay the night. I arranged a last minute hotel room, falling asleep until 2pm the next afternoon with a phone call from reception asking why I hadn’t checked out yet. I still was unwell so stayed another night in Colombo before heading down to Hikka the following morning. 

By the time I arrived in Hikka I was relieved to see a friendly face awaiting me. Jolene, her husband and I had met the following summer back in Brighton through a mutual friend. She welcomed me into her home and I quickly settled in. The first week we spend relaxing in the garden and catching up. I met most of her neighbours who are all absolutely lovely. Next door lived Indiga, his wife and their five children. During Poya (full-moon) he proudly invited us to his home to show us his paper lanterns, decorated in assorted colours and that fluttered in the light breeze. A few days later, he invited us to a family celebration as his niece had up just come of age. A massive celebration in Buddhism, it signifies when a girl gets her first period, and thus becomes a woman. The whole family was there, who instantly treated us like their own, making sure we enjoyed the humongous buffet. That is one thing, Sri Lankans sure do love to eat, making glorious curries of various hotness, and using different mixes of vegetables and meats. 

   The following week I suggested a trip to Mirissa, a small, beach town on the south side of the island. The sort of place you have to pinch yourself, it looks that much like a dream. A place I wanted to go back to, and one that Jo had never been to before.

On the way, we stopped by a Buddhist temple for a blessing with Indiga. Arriving at the temple,we stopped at a shack to buy a fruit basket, flowers and a couple of coconuts as an offering. The monk blessed the fruit, as we laid the flowers in front of him. The monk then placed two fire burners on the coconuts. Once it had extinguished, we went outside, thought of what we needed help with, rotated it three times in front of our faces, and then smashed the coconut onto a rock. Back inside, the monk then finished the blessing, and afterwards, we handed all the fruit out to anyone within the temple grounds.

In Mirissa, I had booked us a hotel room for one night. We ended up staying for four. Going back, made me realise how much I missed Mirissa and how much it feels like home. Visiting friends as well as my second mama and her family, I fell back in love with Mirissa and the locals. I never wanted to leave and even promised my mama I’d come back before I left Lanka. I spent a further week with Jo, before decided it was time to go back to travelling solo.

 First stop, Mirissa. This time I stayed back at mamas house with her family. Much has changed within the space of a year. Her sons wife and her grandchild now live with her, as well as an English lady is building a yoga retreat in the garden. Time flew being back at mamas. I slept my days swimming in the sea, playing with the baba, who called me aka meaning sister, or helping in the kitchen cooking Sri Lankan style. This involves cooking over a wooden fire and preparing everything by hand. Even down to removing the coconut fruit from shell using what only can be described as a metal scoop attached to a stool. This task alone took me fifteen minutes, however mama can do it in five. My nights were spent back with friends I met last year who all work in a beach bar. Being around Red, Ravi and the guys made me realise that Sri Lanka is where I want to live eventually. It also easy to do, as Ravi now has an English girlfriend who lives with him there.

   Being back in Mirissa also gave me the chance to reflect on what to do next. Not only with the time I had left in Lanka but what I wanted to do when back in Thailand. Working in the bar gave me a glimpse of what it’s like to work in a foreign country, but I wouldn’t be able to do it full time and earn enough for all I still want to do. I’ve always been a caring person and am happiest when working in a job where I can help people. Which is how I decided I wanted to undertake a TEFL course, a qualification that means I would be able to teach English in any country in the world. I tried to look up courses in Sri Lanka, however as it is still up and coming with tourists there aren’t many opportunities. Which then made me think more. I love Thailand too and the people here are equally as friendly and welcoming as Lankans. So I have found a course which interested me, as well as helps with placements and classroom experience. Hopefully, I should be able to start it soon.

My few days in Lanka, I spent in Argum bay on the east coast. I went with Indiga, as his brother in law runs one of the bars there for six months, the other six at one in Hikkaduwa. My three days in Argum Bay were a blast. All the workers treated me as one of their own, as well as being bad influences on my drinking! The first day I went on a mini-safari, seeing so many wild animals, including elephants, crocodiles and tortoises. Some just casually crossing the road in front of our car. My final day I spent relaxing on the beach before a massive party with the guys, staying up until sunrise. 

The next couple days were a blur of travelling and little sleep. Leaving Sri Lanka for the second time was pretty hard to do. However, I knew my next move, the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan. 

Once I arrived in Bangkok, I took a day off to recover, hiding out at a hotel pool to cool myself down from the heat and humidity. The following day I took my flight to Surat Thani and the the two hour boat ride to Koh Phangan. Luckily for me, I’d had the foresight to book my hostel in advance. Turning up I’d knew I’d made the right choice. 

 I’d chosen a place called Blue Dreams, away from the main party beach but with an amazing travellers atmosphere. Within twenty minutes of being there, I had a beer and was learning new cards games with some of the coolest people I’ve ever met. The hostel sleeps 120 people and mostly everybody got on and spent their time together. In total, I ended spending eight nights on Koh Phangan. The days involving the hostel’s swimming pool, various tropical beaches and an attraction called the Slip and Fly. Now, the Slip and Fly may be one of the craziest things I’ve done so far. It’s basically two huge slides, one which “flies” you a long distance and the other making you go ridiculously high. It’s was stupidly fun however, it does hurt if you land in the water funny. Mostly I did just watch other people though.

In the evenings, we went to Amsterdam Bar. A place to relax and the best place to catch the sunset. Words cannot describe watching the sunset here, especially as it’s on of the top 15 places in the world. So for here, all I can do is use pictures. Even then, they just can’t show you how beautiful it truly is.

 The day before full moon, one of the the guys, Neil and I went for a mission to a secret bar called Eden. All we’d heard about it was sensational things so we thought we should give it a go to. The beach the bar was on is u reachable by roads, so of course our journey began with a taxi ride to Had Rin beach, where the full moon party is held, then a taxi boat to the beach. The whole journey there took us about an hour. Not including the trek up a very steep hill. But once we were there, we had incredible views of the surrounding area. The bar is so secret that not many people know about it, or bother to do the trek as it is that far. It is so worth it. We stayed for a couple of drinks before descending down the other side of the hill to another hidden beach. On the way down we found a bar called Stones Bar. It’s not really a bar, just selling water, however, it’s covered in incredible artwork all in neon paints. We were back at the hosteling time for the pre-full moon party in the Jungle. A massive party based somewhere in the middle of Koh Phangan. Everybody was dancing and joking having an incredible time. Roselina and I left early as we wanted ourselves to be ready for the full moon the following night.

Full moon itself was completely incredible. My hostel was superb at creating the right atmosphere. Everyone was on a natural high. Covering each other in neon paints, decorating any visible skin possible. A few games later and we were all ready to go. We piled into a taxi as many people as possible, so many some were stood on the back having the hold on to the railings of the truck. Once there, we stuck with our group, about twenty of us, weaving through the 15,000 strong crowd. It was like a festival back home. There were lights everywhere with music blaring out of every single bar. Each bar playing a different type of music. Along the beach a bit further, one bar had a water slide going down from the first floor onto the sand. Something Roselina, Neil and I had to try, even if we did get a bit of a wet bum! Even further along, there was a massive skipping rope game going on. Not one I tried myself this as that skipping rope was on fire. Even watching it was incredible. Some people are so brave! Most of the night was spent dancing it away outside the bars on the sand. It is certainly a night I will never forget. In the end, we got home around six am, then stayed up chatting and watching other people come back for a further hour. By half seven, we were fast asleep in our bed. 

The next few days were spent discovering the island a bit more now that most people had left. Most people leaving the two days after full moon. 

Koh Phangan is truly a paradise island. Long sandy beaches with smaller clusters of islands just of the mainland. My final day on Koh Phangan was spent on the north of the island with Melanie, Bas, Matt and Cel from the hostel, snorkelling around the reefs looking for tropical fish. For this I wish I had an underwater camera as I saw a fish as big as my arm, it’s turquoise and pink colours reflecting the sunshine. Following this, we went to the local food market and then our final trip to Amsterdam Bar to watch our final Koh Phangan sunset. And oh my was it beautiful. 

The next day we departed for Ko Tao. The famous travellers home for snorkelling and diving. That and it’s a few people’s birthdays. Roselina can’t say no to a good party! Which is where I am writing this now. I’m sorry it has taken me this long to post Flo-Co and Mya but I’m sure it has been worth it! I’m unsure what my plans are next but I will FaceTime you both soon and keep you filled in!

 Miss you and love you lots,

Sarah and Roselina


Happy Birthday Roselina!

Today is Roselina’s birthday!
We have spent the day relaxing down the beach, before preparing for a Special Birthday Party tonight in her honour.
This is also a very special Birthday for me, as its also my Mother’s Birthday. Both Roselina and I, wish we could be there and are sending all our love.


Sorry about the blurry photo, Roselina just hasn’t keep still all day!
Tomorrow we see if we get the all clear with my ear as my eye has cleared up. Really should start planning on where to go next.
Until then, it’s goodbye from another, beautiful Koh Phi Phi.
Roselina and Sarah xoxo


My Almost Paradise


Before we knew it Roselina and I were off. Gatwick airport was always, a mad chaos of people. Once we’d overcome it and arrived at our gate it was nearly time for our departure. Roselina, ever the poser, had to stop to take a few quick selfies.


Our flight to Oslo was quick and effortless. Roselina even got a free carrot off of one of the air hostesses.
Arriving at Oslo airport. Roselina yet again wanted a selfie. Mainly as it was quite warm yet the close by mountains still had some snow on top!


The second flight onto Bangkok mainly involved a lot of sleeping, as well as a few inflight films. Before we knew it we were in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok airport. As soon as we stepped outside we were hit with the warmth and humidity of the city.
Now just how to get to our hostel.
A bit overcome, we are English after all, we opted for the easiet one, a taxi.
Bangkok is a huge city, half built and half still under construction.
Before we knew it we’d arrived at our first hostel called Nappack near Khao San Road. We did arrive at 7am so it was a quick drop the big bag off, and then to go and explore the city.
Roselina and I had loads of fun wandering around until the heat became too much.
We soon found shelter in a bar down one of the side roads. There we met a couple called Tom and Juilet. Cousins from Oxford, they had been travelling around Australia and New Zealand since January.
Together we all spent the evening wandering around the spots of the famous Khao San Road. A few too many drinks later we ended up at one of Thailand’s Specialist Nightclubs, something that both Roselina and I do not want to repeat. I even had to cover Roselinas eyes a few times.
The following day we all relaxed around a roof top pool for lots of swimming and to get used to the sun.
Even though we made sure we used our skin protection, Roselina ended up with a burnt nose.
Once back at our hostel, we met some new friends, and went out for an evening of pampering to get our feet massaged on one of the many beauty palours here. And so cheap too, only £4!
After we stumbled on and extremely great singer, so stayed for a Chang or two.


We then met Marnix, who had decided to come to Thailand, with just three days notice.
The following day, we met with Juilet and a friend of hers from Australia, to go sightseeing around the temples.
We started by going to Wat Arun.
First, we had to board a ferry which crossed the river. Trying to avoid the touts to stop us paying extra. Done right it should cost just six pence, however some people tried to sign you up to a tour costing £28 pounds.


After finding the right ferry, we wandered down to where Wat Arun is placed. It’s an encaptivating temple, towering up into the sky. Currently under renovation, normally visitors can walk the steps to almost the top. Unfortunately we were unable to, but wandering around the base, you could see how impressive this temple will be once brought back to its former glory.



As the Grand Palace, is a sacred place, we all had to do a quick dash back to the hostel to change into longer clothes and close toed shoes.
Roselina loved the Entrance to the Grand Palace, and had to have a selfie in front of these huge pink elephants.


The Grand Palace is certainly that. Covered in gold and jewels it glistens in the hot, bangkok sun.



Going round there’s some much to see between all the huge statues, including, an Emerald Buddha. Still worshipped today by Thai locals.


Exhausted after all our escapades, we retired back to our hostel for dinners and unknown to us at the time, the start of Thai New Year.
Returning home from dinner we walked down Khao San Road. All of a sudden we were hit with a blast of ice cold water. Symbolising good luck for the new year, the celebrations weren’t due to begin until the following day, April 12th.
After getting soaked and dancing quite a bit, we returned home to prepare for the following day.
Songkran normally lasts for three days, from April 12th until April 15th.
Anytime we tried to leave the hostel we were greeted with blasts of water and clay to represent the earth and start of the monsoon.


Over Songkran our team grew. Before long we were a fully-prepared ninja team, throwing ourselves in the festival.



Songkran is the best festival I’ve ever been to. With live acts lining the streets on stages by day and followed by djs by night.
By the time out flight was booked for Phucket was due, we were exhausted by the acitivies.
A short one night stay in Phucket, before we boarded the ferry to go to Kho Phi Phi.


After a two hour ferry. The tops of the famous beach trees started to emerge on the skyline. Before long we arrived at our second hotel, Ibiza house. Famed, as we found out on the boat, for its Sunday pool parties. Aftet check-in we made straight for the pool, to cool off and meet Tom and Juilets friends.
Koh phi phi tries to be an ultimate form of paradise for travellers. With beautiful large beaches to relax by day. And by night using them to have stages for dancing as well as climbing walls and rodeos bulls. Whilst each bar blares out music. I’ve never seen a beach this busy since New year’s eve on Palolem, Goa in India. Everyone mingles with everyone in the crowd. A truly rememorable experience.
The only downside I have had so far is that I caught a small ear infection and a mosquito bit my eye lid. Currently I have one eye and one ear working properly, and under doctors orders to stay here for at least few more days. Also meant I missed my boat trip to smaller islands and water sports, so spent today just relaxing by the pool. Even though I can’t go swimming.


Lots of love,
Roselina and Sarah xoxo

Dear Flo-Co and Mya

Six days until we leave.
We can hardly believe it.
Roselina and I are nearly ready to go.
All Roselina cares about is trying out her awesome, new passports. Of course, leaving me to do all the packing. Oh, the life of a bunny!
Roselina and I are going to extremely miss you both so much.
At least using a blogspot, you both can come hopping around with us too.


First stop airport ✈